The Ultimate List of Excel RSS Feeds

Do you read blogs in an RSS reader? If so, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of Excel RSS feeds.

Currently, it’s a list of 29 Excel-related blogs that have RSS feeds. To save you the trouble of subscribing, there’s also an OPML file that you can download and import into your RSS reader to create instant subscriptions to them all.

Here’s a quote from a satisfied user:

“I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of a few of those blogs.” – Dick

Have I missed any?

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15 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Excel RSS Feeds

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  2. The link to the OPML file does not work for me, I get an XML parse error, could you fix it? I would like to try out these feeds.

  3. Bobby
    Open the OPML file in a text editor and remove the last link which is to Dennis site, it doesn’t seem to like the ‘.Net’ in the title. Then go and add that one manually. There may be a better way, but that worked for me, I was already subscribed to Dennis feed.

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