The Life of a Lion Tamer

I know you guys have been immensely interested in how I spend my day (here and here and here). I pivoted the data from my TaskIt worksheet for this week and here it is. I think I’ll turn that into an add-in that creates the pivot table automatically and has a couple of menus.

If you don’t get the title, see YouTube. And if you like accounting humor (aka humour), then see Smurf On Spreadsheets

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10 thoughts on “The Life of a Lion Tamer

  1. Yes, Misc is goofing off, but I might show this to my boss some day, so better to obfuscate it. It includes Labor Day, lunch, reading blogs and newsgroups, and taking my car to the mechanic (3 times this week). Even if I take out the holiday, it’s still the biggest category. That’s sad.

  2. It passed “qualtiy” control, but my head accountant caught it in about 2 seconds. That’s one of the down sides of on-the-fly categories; one misspelling lives forever.

  3. I have been a happy user of TaskItv3 since Feb. Outside of a couple of little ‘ticks and fleas’ that I caused when tinkering the program has been an unquestionable success for me keeping track of my time and appropriately assigning it to the right accounts. On Sept 1, I got this message that I have never seen before (and haven’t seen since):
    09/01/09 09:43:26 [TaskItv3.xlsm]MHelpers.WriteTask(), Error -2147417848: Method ‘Save’ of object ‘_Workbook’ failed

    I had just completed a windows update so I shut everything down and rebooted, voila no problem. In my never ending battle to not let something just be, I wonder what happened?
    Any ideas?


  4. Ed: How many rows are used in that worksheet? (just curious, I don’t think it’s related to the problem) Here’s the offending code:


    If rNext was nothing, you would get a different error (Object variable or With Block variable not set). I guess if the folder or file was read only or you otherwise didn’t have permission you would get Method Save…failed. But I doubt that happened and then magically unhappened. I wonder if the ‘temp’ file became corrupted somehow and the reboot cleaned it out. I really need to take Walkenbach’s suggestion of writing to a CSV.

    Anyway, I’m glad it’s been useful to you.

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