G’Day Excel


Hey, if you’re within 5,000 miles of Sydney, Australia next month, be sure to sign up for the Excel User Conference.

Australian Excel User Conference

I’ll be presenting some of the sessions and I’m pretty excited about that. I’m less excited about spending 18 hours in coach, but at least I’ll finish that book I started two years ago.

I’m going to finish up the outlines for my lectures this weekend, so I’ll post those when they’re done. See you down under!

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5 thoughts on “G’Day Excel

  1. Charles Williams:
    The evening get togethers every day after the conference sessions are great: beer and Excel and interesting people – what more could you want?

    OK – you’ve convinced me. :)

    I registered for day 2. I was tempted to register for Dick’s session on Class Modules, but that would have meant missing the session on using arrays in VBA, so I didn’t (and saved myself some money as well).

  2. You couldn’t do an additional gig in Canberra could you? It’s just that I’ve been a big fan of your site since inception, and have just recently moved from Sydney to Canberra, only to find that, a month after the move, you’re coming to Sydney to present! You could probably write a “special presentation” off as a business expense…

    In any case, hope you enjoy your trip to Aus as much as I enjoy your blog. There’s an Australian expression: “Dead set legend”. I won’t go into explaining it, just know that you are one.

    Kind regards

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