Customize the images of the buttons in the QAT

Hi all

I add a new page to my site with examples to change a button image
of a button in the QAT for all workbooks or for one workbook.
Making a QAT Add-in of the one workbook example seems a good way on
this moment if you want to change the buttons images of your QAT.

Suggestions or comments are welcome
Note: I can’t post comments in this blog but I will read your comments.

Ron de Bruin

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11 thoughts on “Customize the images of the buttons in the QAT

  1. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for providing us with possible solutions when working with the Ribbon UI (a thanks goes to Tushar as well).

    It would be great if You also can give us some input regarding the possibility and the options to manipulate the XML-files through VBA code.

    BTW, why isn’t possible for You to post comments here?

    Keep up the good Ribbon UI work,

  2. Hi Dennis

    Maybe you can read this
    Dick’spam filter not like me but maybe it is working today.

    > manipulate the XML-files through VBA code
    Yes it is possible but not knows if it is worth all the trouble to build
    a add-in to do this. But maybe I am wrong.
    What do you want to do with VBA Dennis

  3. Hi Ron,

    First of all, I really appreciate Your efforts with the Ribbon UI. Some guys spend too much to rant about it instead of working on how to manage it. Personally I like the Ribbon UI and have no problem to work with it via .NET (shared add-ins & VSTO).

    Anyway, the intention with my comment about VBA & XML files is that it can extend what we can do. From a practical point of view it may not be useful however it will show how to work with Excel & XML & the Ribbon.

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi all

    I add a VBA macro to my page that will replace the customUI.xml in
    the 2007 file with your template customUI.xml in a folder on your computer.

    See this section
    “Replace the customUI.xml file with a customUI.xml template file with VBA”

    On this page

    Let me know if you see stupid things or have suggestions.

  5. I add one line in the macro for the Win Xp users
    FSO.deletefolder Environ(“Temp”) & “Temporary Directory*”, True

    In Vista you not have this problem with Shell but in Win Xp it leave a
    hidden folder in the Temp folder when the macro is ready.

    Good night

  6. The QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) is the hobbled set of icons on the Excel title bar. It is the only part of the Excel UI which the user can configure directly from the Excel interface itself (i.e., without XML code). While the user can move it from its normal place on the menu bar to just below the ribbon, doing so adds another row to the space required for the ribbon. I think it was a last minute concession to users that have numerous custom commandbars in their 2003 interfaces, though the QAT ain’t squat compared to a good old 2003 command bar, which the user can dock on any of four edges of the window or float above the work area where it can be most handy. I find the QAT such a poor replacement that I don’t even use it; I see it there taunting me with its lack of utility.

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