Table Drive Ribbon

Mike Alexander has updated his table driven Ribbon customizer. You can find it here:

He says:

The utility now creates and adds a module with all the call-back functions to the newly created buttons, allowing the buttons to work right away.

As always, the source code is open for anyone who wants to build on this and create a better table-driven Ribbon Customizer.

If you try it out, post your comments here.

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4 thoughts on “Table Drive Ribbon

  1. Hello Mike,

    I just took a quick look at the file to see what it was and how it looked.
    First comment: the vba-project has a reference to the “Microsoft Soap Type Library” which is not by default available on most computers and therefore the code produces an error. After I removed the reference it worked fine.

    The past weeks I have been very busy working with, understanding and customizing the ribbon. I have ran into several problems and inconstant things.
    Utilities like these will be valuable and can also help to get a better understanding of the ribbon (easy to ‘play’ with).

    OT: My compliments for the book “Excel 2007 VBA” so far the part about customizing the ribbon has been very useful!

    Kind regards,

  2. Thanks Bastien for the “Soap” tip. I can’t remember why I added that there in the first place. I’m pretty sure its a residual library I can remove.

    Thank for the compliments on the Excel 2007 VBA book. Stephen Bullen wrote the chapter on Ribbonx. I find it to be the most accesbile and clear tutorial on it to date.

  3. Mike:

    Nice little utility. I’ve been playing with it, and it seems robust enough for the initial release. Keep working on improving it, and down the road I would even be tempted to buy it. I *really* appreciate seeing the code generating the ribbon code, because that is how I learn best. I’ll take a look at your book as well, and maybe add it to my library.

  4. Thank Kevin,
    I don’t think I could ever sell this. I can’t imagine there would be that many takers. The expert Excelers would create their own customizations, and the beginners wouldn’t care.

    Besides, I’m guessing Microsoft will expose an easier way to customize the Ribbon in Office 14.

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