21 thoughts on “Ian’s Favorite Excel Sites

  1. So why does Andrew get listed twice? And why would anyone include that dusty old Spreadsheet Page? And since when is Google Groups a Web site? And what’s this “Daily Dose of Excel” all about? Sounds like something for drug addicts.

  2. Re Andrew: Ian listed two url’s for him. They point to different sites, but have the same title.

    Re Speadsheet Page: From a 2003 and earlier perspective, anything you said in 1995 probably still applies. Your words are timeless, kind of like the bible.

    Re Groups: Who said ‘web’?

    Re DDOE: It’s an infrequently updated blog. When the guy does post something, it’s usually so arcane and impractical that only about two people find it interesting. And that’s in a freak show kind of way. It does have good comments, though. Well, except for this post.

  3. I like:

    * Aladin Akyurek’s site
    * Shane Devenshire’s site
    * Harlan Grove’s & Alan Beban’s site about arrays
    * Jurgen Volkerink’s special site about CAIs.

    Let me know if I have forgot anyone.

    Kind regards,

  4. Favorite sites
    News: J-Walk BlogRoll

    Graphs: AJP, Peltier, Fernando
    Examples: Chip Pearson, Contextures, McRitchie, J-Walk, Tushar Mehta, DailyDose
    Video: DataPig

    Forum: ExcelTip, Microsoft
    Other: Function Description, More Func Add-in, Formatting, Calculus, Arrays, Articles
    Addins: Jedox Palo, Xcelsius

    Excel Links: http://bloggotype.blogspot.com/2005/08/excel-links.html

  5. Dennis – “Harlan Grove’s & Alan Beban’s site about arrays”

    Having scanned the first few “discussions” that come up for an exact search on “Harlan Grove” and “Alan Beban” I’m intrigued by the idea that these two may have cooperated on something.

    Do you have a link?

    I’ll also vote for Tushar’s site and add Aaron Blood’s XL-Logic

  6. I have you bookmarked, Jan Karel, and visit as frequently as any other. When I first started using Excela lot, I found your article on “VBA Undoing” a lifesaver on more than one occasion!!

    Although that’s probably more likely just to make you want to give it all up entirely….

  7. my absolute favorite is http://www.mrexcel.com a great community all willing to help and often had an answer within ours to the posting of my problems and even got full solutions!

    David Sanders, Amsterdam

  8. hey,

    i’m just wondering if it is possible to connect an excel form to a website, so that the users can fill in the form online and then the data is collected into an excel file that sits behind the website?? if it is possible how easy is it to implement?

    my email is moshir_fakhoury@hotmail.com

    I appreciate all your comments thanks.

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