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Hi all

I think we all struggle with the new ribbon in Office 2007.
But there is no way back and we have to deal with it if we want it or not.

A few months ago I add a ribbon page on my site and now start with looking for a good
way to make a menu that automatic change the labels in the language of the Excel version.

I add this page to my site with three example workbooks.

Please give comments (good or bad)
It is new for me also so I can use extra brains from the readers of this blog.


Ron de Bruin

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11 thoughts on “Menu in the ribbon with different languages

  1. [blockquote]
    But there is no way back and we have to deal with it if we want it or not.

    I have Office 2007 Enterprise ready to install. I was told 12 still had a ‘a lot of bugs’ and ‘hold off loading until the service pack’ comes out. I have not loaded it – is this something to yet be of concern?

  2. Doco –

    There have been no fixes released yet that address this kind of issue in Office 2007. What you have to do is install 2007 on a test computer, and examine its treatment of all of your critical documents, workbooks, VBA procedures, etc. If the new behavior is acceptable to you, then you may decide to deploy Office 2007. I can’t answer for you, because I don’t know what is critical to you, and I have certain issues which may not be relevant to your requirements.

  3. Why not keep them both? On my machine I have both 2003 and 2007 living happily together. The only choice you have to make is between outlook 2003 and 2007. I think you can safly choose 2007 there.

  4. Do not upgrade Outlook if you write software, for others, that use the Outlook object model and need it to be compatible with previous versions.

    This said, Outlook downgrades surprisingly well; uninstall 2007 and reinstall 200X and everything will probably work as always without any additional effort. (Been there, done that).

  5. Thanks. I definitely am not interested having multiple versions. I develop things for my own use and within the local ‘enterprise’ and have about ten years of tools, functions, add-ins, etc. in SQL Server,Access and Excel particularly Most of which are fairly critical to what I do. I am dreading to think I will need to recreate thousands of hours of effort…

  6. Hi Ron-

    I haven’t had to handle multiple languages but I have had to change button labels to suit various clients. Using a table and getLabel (as in your GetLabel.xlsm)is such a natural for Excel developers I don’t think I even considered any other way.

    Do you like using dynamic menus? I find building all that xml in a VB module a bit of a pain. I think I get all the flexibility I need with a static menu and getLabel and getVisible.

  7. Hi Jim

    >Do you like using dynamic menus?

    I agree that getlabel is great but what if we want to do it for Word or PowerPoint.
    we not have a Excel sheet where we can add a table.

    Maybe a dynamic is a better option in that situation ?


  8. >>Maybe a dynamic is a better option in that situation?

    I’m not sure, Ron, perhaps. Some Select Case routines might be almost as good as an Excel table though.

  9. Jim, Ron –

    How about a CSV file? You can read that easily in VBA, then use Split to extract the “cell” values.

    I even use this instead of an Excel worksheet in many of my projects if all I’m saving is a bunch of settings.

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