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  1. Hi Mr. Walkenbach:
    Thank you for your excellent books and websites.
    I am looking for an Add-In that will allow
    1. To combine tabs from different files into one file
    2. While maintaining the individual print settings of each tab.

    In absence of such a utility / add-in,
    we have to open / cascade as many as 60 individual files,
    and consolidate them using drag and drop in a 61st file.

    If you could publish such a utility / add-in,
    it would save us countless hours from an inefficient process.

    Much appreciate your counsel.


  2. Thanks a lot! I look up to you guys who are able to produce such utilities. I wish I had just 1% of your kwnoledge. Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Ron

    I couldn’t install your RDBMerge add-in. I downloaded and put it into the library unzipped it, then opened a worksheet went to the tools>add-in but it didn;t appear there. Could you tell me what and where am I doing wrong? I can send the screen shot but I cannot attach here. So if you also tell me how to send this shot I can send to you.to I you have

    I enjoy the Excel and your articles I must be in my ing=fancy to appreciate your work.

    Thank you and your friends for these pages

  4. Hi Ron,

    I find myself forever looking at your page and using your add-ins. THANKS SO MUCH!

    I have a question that maybe you can help with.

    I am trying to open several workbooks and copy a column into a master worksheet. I would like the column to copy into the next open column and I can not get it to work.

    I have downloaded and used your RDBMerge and it is great for rows but no luck with columns.

    If you can help I would REALLY appreciate it.



  5. Hi all


    I upload a new version(1.3) for 2007-2010 with a option to copy next to each other
    Will update the add-in for 97-2003 also this week

    If you have suggestions or find problems let me know

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