I haven’t been able to access this site all day. Oddly, I can get into the administrative area without any problem – which is where I’m writing this. I tried removing the stat tracking code and disabling add-ins one-by-one, but to no avail. I’ve pinged my host and we’ll see what he says.

In the mean time, here’s what I’m doing today.

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15 thoughts on “Slowness

  1. Access to this site has been slow for 2 days.

    I live south of you (KC area). Yesterday it was 63 deg F. Last night we had 2? of hail, followed by 3? of rain (in a 3 hour period), and today we had snow.

    If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.

  2. Dick I have been having problems with your site all week
    sometimes it just will not load
    then somtimes it just says server down

  3. I tried accessing the site about 2 hours ago, gave up and went for lunch. When I came back (after a meeting), the page had timed out. A retry (in Firefox) got me a blank page after about 5 minutes, and a refresh at that point got me here.

    Last night it snowed about an inch in Nanaimo, but the sun came out this morning and has melted everything that wasn’t in the shade. I hear we’re supposed to get up to 12 degrees (Celsius) by the weekend. :)

  4. You’re doing better than gmail, which has been down here for about 24 hours. I didn’t think that was legal.

  5. Had numerous problems accessing several forums all week but especially this one – most times would time out 504 style. Attempting access to this site last time produced a page with “SELECT DISTINCT …” SQL Error. Seems to be fine now..

  6. I find the Daily Dose blog unresponsive from time to time. I didn’t notice anything in particular this week, just the usual need to come back in an hour.

  7. Been getting blank pages / slow load times / various error messages for quite some time on this site, both from work and home, IE6, IE7 & Firefox.

    However, I like what’s here enough to keep hitting Refresh over and over (and over)!

    PS: it’s a warm, sunny day in Sheffield, UK ;-)

  8. I’ve not had any problems with DDoE. nVidia driver download page (in U.K. and U.S.) on the other hand, stopped working for a day and a half.

    How about a topic for the weekend: Windows Vista.

  9. I noticed that certain pages were not responding however others would work fine. For example I was unable to view the Main page or the NZ() article linked from the RSS feeds, but I could quite easily see other new articles that I had not cached locally. This was strange given that I did try a number of things to get it going and refresh the pages properly. The RSS feeds appeared to work fine.

    Fine and clear but cold 8-10 *C (I don’t do imperial measurements). Rain promised for the w/e. UK

  10. Life in Belgium is like its weather: it can be quite dull. Welcome back Daily Dose of Excel!

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