Windows Mail bug in Vista

Hi all

Warning: Windows Mail bug in Vista

For the newsgroup posters in this blog :

Bookmarks are not working in Windows Mail in Vista.
This url will be truncated at the #

You will go to the top of the page and not to the bookmark.
If you copy the url and paste it in IE 7 in Vista it is working

Remember this when you answer questions in newsgroups

Ron de Bruin

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6 thoughts on “Windows Mail bug in Vista

  1. Dittoing #3, if Windows Mail is the only newsgroup client that chokes on section identifiers appended to urls, why should anyone other than Windows Vista users be concerned? Anyone who can access newsgroups with Windows Mail can also access them using either Microsoft’s newsgroup (er, community) browser portals or Google Groups. Why should the rest of us overreact while the overeager types running an apparently not yet ready for prime time OS utility expect world & dog to adapt themselves to the likely soon to be patched bug in said utility? More bluntly, why should anyone else change the way they post to newsgroups just to accomodate a bug in *one* newsreader?

  2. Yes John

    Windows Mail is the new name for Outlook Express
    Like in Vista there is a great search in Windows Mail.
    Type a few letters and you see all mails with the letters.

    By default is setup as newsreader in Windows Mail.
    I think that is a good thing.

    There is also a Junk E-mail folder now and this is working OK

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