Excel/Outlook mail add-in version for Excel 2007 Beta2 TR

Hi all

Here is the first Excel/Outlook mail add-in version for Excel 2007 Beta2 TR.
The versions for 97-2003 you can find here : http://www.rondebruin.nl/mail/add-in.htm

You can use it for xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb files.
It always save the new file you create in the same format as the Activeworkbook.
Only if you want to send a sheet from an xlsm file and there is no code then it save it as xlsx.

There is also an option to send as PDF (you must install the MS PDF add-in for that).
It will check if the add-in is installed on the machine when you open the add-in.

There is a limit of 30000 cells now for the Selection/PDF options.
Not sure about the limit but I start with this.

Link to the MS PDF add-in

If Winzip is installed you can also use the Zip option (Shift>Go).

Download it here
There is a option to open the Add-in in the Cell menu.

Ron de Bruin

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5 thoughts on “Excel/Outlook mail add-in version for Excel 2007 Beta2 TR

  1. Hi all

    I update 22 pages with code that is working in 97-2007 or 2000-2007.
    I changed all code to Late binding with a example on the bottom of each
    page to change it to Early binding (less private mail I hope (grin)

    Lot of checking needed in the code for the new file formats in Excel 2007

    I also add three example workbooks, I hope this will help users.

  2. Ron

    This may not be the right place to ask this but it’s the only Outlook/Excel topic I can find.

    My company just converted from LotusNotes to Outlook I used to prepare a report every so often where I copied a subdirectory of email messages, pasted them into an Excel 2007 workbook and produced a ‘cute’ chart and graph showing what time and day of week the emails were arriving. When I copy the appropriate sub directory in Outlook and Paste it into excel it gives me three different types of values in the received field:
    7:52 AM — for the present day rcvd
    Tue 6/16– for the messages recvd this week
    6/13/2009– for the messages recvd longer than a week ago
    These do not match what I see in Outlook which show: Day of week, Date, Time.
    Is there a way to extract the detailed date values from an Outlook subdirectory?

    TIA for any assistance.

    BTW I am at best an Intermediate Excel Power user: (VB, I try to understand but it makes my eyes glaze over.)

  3. In Outlook 2007, if I customize the date field to show “6/23/2009 16:04? instead of “Best Fit,” the paste into Excel preserves that format. In Outlook, it’s View, Customize Current View, Format Columns, Received, Format.

    You might also want to check out Xobni (xobni.com). It’s a free Outlook addin that will among other things graph when each individual sent you email.

  4. Bam, right out of the gate. Paul you are a life saver. The report is done and looks great and is accurate so all is right with the world (at least my world).

    Ron, thank you very much for your rapid response, it always amazes me how helpful the Excel Universe is one request and you get responses for leaders in the field. Thanks very much.


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