Weekend Forum Weert (The Netherlands) style!

Hi all,

Time for some ‘culture’ for me this weekend.

Over at my place (Weert, The Netherlands) this weekend is all about the huge fair (AKA Carnival so I recon) we have in town.

We have about 140 attractions ranging from shooting galleries to serious roller coasters, and from fresh fruit bars to gambling alleys.

The funny thing is, Google happens to have taken the pictures for Google Earth, when last year’s fair was on. Here are a couple of them:

Kids roller coaster and shooting galleries

Kids roller coaster and shooting galleries.

Another coaster and a merry-go-round

Another coaster and a merry-go-round.

Ferris wheel

And a ferris wheel!

And if you’re Dutch, here is the Fairs’ site and here are some pictures of last year

So what are your plans for this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Forum Weert (The Netherlands) style!

  1. This weekend = work, work, work. And I swear I’m going to get at least one 10 mile bike ride in because I haven’t been out in a fortnight and Winter’s almost here.

    Today I installed OneNote. I tried it about a year ago and just didn’t find it all that helpful. A person in my office convinced me to give it another go. The first think I noticed is that I can’t link between notes inside OneNote. What a joke. I understand it’s coming in 2007, but this sure seems to me like something that should have been in the first alpha of the first version.

  2. My plans for the weekend: Crank out at least 8 “final author review” chapters of Excel 2007 Bible. In other words, do some major editing so my original submissions adhere to the the final beta — which, we hope, are similar to the final release of XL07. And, in my spare time, finish readomg a novel called “Fade” by Richard Cormier. I’m 3/4 through it, and it’s an incredible piece of writing. The summer heat is gone here in Tucson, so we might take a nice long walk in the neighborhood to inspect all of the new nearby housing that’s eating up the natural desert.

    Jan Karel, I’ve never been to Europe, but when I go there, the Netherlands is tops on my list. Of all the Europeans that I’ve ever met, I like the Dutch people the best for some reason (although Norway is up there too, but with a sample size of 1). Once I finish these XL books, I’ll have at least two years off. A perfect time for my first cross-Atlantic trip. Are you willing to help me with the planning?

  3. Hi out there Dave here from sunny Devon UK could any one supply me with the name of the holiday park there in Weert have holidayed there when it was Gran Derada.We love the Netherlands Cheers Dave

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