Want To Be Acknowledged?

Here’s your chance to be semi-famous.

If you would like to be mentioned in the “Acknowledgments” section of my forthcoming Excel 2007 Bible book, make a comment here, along with the reason why you’re being acknowledged.

For example: “I’d like to thank Joe Blow, who taught me the true meaning of Swiss cheese.” Or, “Special thanks to Rita, who really liked the cover of the Excel 2003 edition.” Or, “I’m deeply indebted to Ron, who taught me to scroll a worksheet using only my nose.”

In other words, be creative. Be funny. Or be serious. Use your real name, your screen name, or a completely fake name (but don’t use the namedd of a well-known person).

I think the publisher will let me make it as long as I want. It’s my big chance to write a non-boring, off-the-wall Acknowledgments section.

What’s in it for you? You’ll be able to walk into into any major bookstore, find the book with the best book cover design ever, and say, “Hey look, I’m semi-famous.”

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53 thoughts on “Want To Be Acknowledged?

  1. Thanks to Richard Schollar who was absolutely no help whatsoever in the production of this volume.

  2. Can I be acknowledged for being the first person to produce a Mandelbrot in Excel complete with graphical output and not using any VB Code.


  3. lol.. Hilarious =p

    “And a special acknowledgement to Ian Khoo for writing unreadable code which only works when the sun is shining, and the wind is blowing south-west.”

  4. Hui,

    I LOVED it!! It was close to my mathematics heart and revealed Excel tables, of which I was not previously aware. This site and the knowledge swaped here are true blessings. Hence…”Thanks to Dick Kusleika and all contributors to the Daily Dose of Excel blog, where the exchange of ideas and techniques has inspired many of the examples and solutions contained herein.” That’s probably more true for me, but its the best I could do.


  5. Thanks to LinDee Kangas, who first opened my eyes to the power of VLOOKUP. Thanks to Leandro Castillo, for unleashing Custom Lists. Thanks to Pete Dozier, my VBA Jedi Master. Thanks to Thomasina Campbell, who believed in me when I didn’t believe in me.

  6. A BIG thanks to Dave Green, for NOT contributing to this book. Without his interferences I was able to complete it and get the speeling correct!

  7. I’d like to thank at seven of Dave Brett’s personalities for helping with this book, and I hope that his other 106 personalties each purchase a copy.

  8. Thanks to Raymond Allan who years ago mailed John to tell him that he once forgot to password protect his Pup97 utility pack

  9. I’d like to thank Stuart O’Brien for all the long hours, hard work and herculean effort he put in to writing this acknowledgement.

  10. I’d like to give a special acknowledgement to Roger Martin for his suggestion to use numbered pages. Without that suggestion I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks, Roger.

  11. I want to thank John Walkenbach for inspiring me with his books and get me hooked with VBA.

  12. “Special thanks to Mike C for thoughtfully stroking his beard and looking intelligent when reading my books in public places. That sort of recommendation is worth a hundred weeks as a Times bestseller. That, and having longer hair than any man ever should.”

  13. …and special thanks to ford prefect who downloaded every illigal copy of my privious books but felt very guilty about it.

  14. I would like to thank J-walk for all his books because if it wasn’t for them and all the cool tricks I have learned, I would not be able to keep my job. I would like to also thank myself for the smiley face, which at our office has come to symbolize a standard of excellence.

  15. Love Stuart’s!! :)

    “Thank you to Jennifer Irving for her outstanding efforts in font color management, although I do think there are colors other than pink, dark pink, baby pink.”

  16. Thanks to Jim Westrich for the creative VBA ideas called “Excel Origami” (sadly this project has folded but a documentary will soon be released on PaperView).

  17. Can I acknowledge my family, my parents all of you here and especially god, because without your help and blessing I would never have been able to achieve the things I have done.
    Whoops, This is my Grammy speech.

    I had better put that away for another year…


  18. “Thanks to Chip Gorman for showing me how a great little VBA trick to calculate pi to the last digit in Excel. The hints on squaring the cirsle turned out to be helpful in many ways too.”

  19. Special thanks to Rich (aka shades),
    who is old, slow, and confused…
    which makes me feel
    young, fast, and alert.

    But alas, he is inconsistent and so am I.

  20. To John Leo, who taught me the basics of financial modeling in Excel: simplicity, flexibility, elegance and most importantly, Alt-Tab.

  21. To Ike Gerardo who now sleeps better at night after adapting our motto that says when you have the solution, it is better to give than to receive.

  22. Thanks to Xcelion who showed me how to use SUM formula when I summed the numbers in a column of a excel sheet using calculator and keyed it in the last cell

  23. ….And finally a big thanks to the Microsoft Excel team…. whose sincear efforts in trying to fix something that wasnt broken has resulted in this brilliant version……without which this book and the subsequent upgrades would not have been possible ….

  24. Thanks to Alexis Cole, for reading my request on his birthday while trying to update a very clunky spreadsheet’s macros. It’s a somewhat belated present.

  25. And I’d also like to thank Charles Chickering for plagarizing my code to help the multitudes on the Microsoft Public Newsgroups.

  26. Thanks everyone!

    No more, please. I have to turn it in tomorrow.

    I can’t guarantee that I’ll use them all, but I’ll certainly try. There’s about 150 more at my blog. I wonder if there’s a Guinness record category for longest acknowledgments section in a technical book?

  27. A big acknowledgement and thanks to Ron Berry of Davis California, without whose help, this book would never have been possible. You are an awesome spreadsheet guru Ron!!

  28. Thanks to Debi “The Excel Queen” who jumps for joy when she finds new adventures in Excel ~ and keeps the Office on their toes!

  29. Many thanks to Betinho from Joinville-Brazil who found this very useful even being so far away.

  30. Thanks to Ivan Venuti who founds all the images self-explicative. He noted that the text is superfluous and full of bugs and suggests: “Don’t read it, look only at images!” (next edition I’ll follow his suggestions and I’ll publish a book without any word inside…).

  31. Thanks to John Walkenbach for writing Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA, you gave me a career!

  32. Does anyone ever read new postings on old threads?

    Last weekend I walked into into a major bookstore, found the Excel 2000 2007 Bible, and said, “Hey look, I’m semi-famous.”. What a buzz!

    For those of us who aren’t used to seeing their name in print can I say thank you to John Walkenback for being imaginative and generous enough to come up with the idea.

    One day I may be over there (and not over here) and I can thank you in person.

    Gareth (England)

  33. Of course, it’s quite late here and, of course, it was the Excel 2007 Bible that made me semi-famous, and gave me a buzz. Can the forum moderator please correct my last posting so I don’t look like a complete spanner. Jeez, if my Excel skills are as bad as my posting skills I may as well give up.

  34. Gareth, now that you’re famous you need to learn to spell my name correctly.

    For the record, here’s Gareth’s claim to fame:

    But most of all, I thank Gareth Forster in England, for being over there and not here.

  35. I have now officially given up all involvement with Excel, including posting to this forum.

Posting code? Use <pre> tags for VBA and <code> tags for inline.

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