Name Manager UI Poll (2)

OK everyone.

Here is a (poorly designed) chart showing the result so far.

It looks like the icons at the top are winning. I agree however that for beginners, buttons with text might be better.

I have cooked up an option D though. What about this one:

So which is it? A, B, C or D?


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7 thoughts on “Name Manager UI Poll (2)

  1. How about making use of the picture property along with a caption. Setting the PicturePosition property to PicturePositionLeftCenter. The size of the button would slightly larger than those in your C screen shot. But there appear to be enough empty space at the top right.

    The option to display picture, text , picture+text would be a bonus.

  2. Of those options, I’d plum for A (icon’s on top) – but Andy’s suggestion is worth exploring.

    As far as icons go, I’ve always wondered why the evaluate icon departs (only slightly) from Excel’s standard evaluate icon (Control ID 5687). A copyright issue?


  3. I think the labels clutter the user form. Let people set an option if they want, but I think nice clear tooltips are adequate. I’ll stick with “Buttons top, icons, no labels”.

  4. Alex: I am more and more inclined to do that one. Bit of work, but I think worth it.

    Andy: I think having both icon and text will make the buttons too wide to fit on the dialog. Especially the German “version” has long texts.

    Christopher: No idea why this icon differs, Charles designed some of them and I did the others.

    Jon: I agree, my vote goes to A or C, user selectable.

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