Fixing broken links

A frequent problem with Excel workbooks is links that cannot be found because e.g. the folder structure on the server has changed.

I’ve been working on a utility to fix broken links very recently.
This utility enables you to search for missing links and/or find and replace strings in their paths.

This is a screenshot of the tool:

I have just published the first Beta here:

Open the utility, then open your file with broken links, then select tools, fix broken links.

Remember: this is a beta, so make a backup copy first!


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

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7 thoughts on “Fixing broken links

  1. Hi JK:

    Is this utility at all like Bill Maville’s FindLink add-in?

    I used that add-in the other day and it didn’t catch one link. Where a button is assigned a macro in a different workbook.

    Nice idea.


  2. No, it complements it though. Bill’s excellent FindLink finds links in a workbook and tells you where exactly they are located. You can use it to break links too, controlling exactly which instances you replace with their values.

    This utility operates on the links as they are shown in the Edit/link dialog and enables you to automatically search for the ones that are not available in their current location.

  3. We had the same problem, but used a great utility software program called LinkFixerPlus. It allowed us to automatically fix broken links in files after we moved them from one server to another and after the folder structure changed. It may be a good solution for your needs.

  4. Hi, we are migrating servers but not changing file structure and have alot of broken excel link. Linkfixer plus is great but we cant budget for it too expensive. I will try your utility and let you know how i get on. Thanks

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