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Thanks for voting, except for Jon. The winner was bought and paid for from GotLogos.com (via J-Walk) and cost $25. Because I had to pay GotLogos, they’re ineligible to win the fabulous prizes. Which means that Jake wins the DVDs and Kieth wins some Daily Dose apparel.

license plate with logo

This whole exercise started because I needed a new license plate holder. The logo probably isn’t going to work well for that, but thankfully J-Walk misread the original post and sent me some mighty fine license plate graphics that I will be using. J-Walk wins the secret consolation prize of his choice of Daily Dose apparel.

So far, nobody wins anything because I haven’t actually set myself up at cafepress.com yet. But when I do, oh boy, that’s when the fun will start (and you will be notified). Jake, I’ll get those DVDs out to you before TBS gets the rights to them and runs them into the ground. I promise.

Update: How can you have an update to a post that’s never been published? Finish the post about three weeks after you start it, that’s how. Sometime in between the time I started this experiment and now, J-Walk ordered a logo, got it back, and posted about it. Like mine, I found his acceptable, but a little banal.

Update 2: I almost forgot. Here’s a logo that my friend Colo sent me way too late for the contest. He’s a very creative guy, I think.


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