Logo Finalists

I’ve “narrowed” down the three Daily Dose logo submissions to these three. I’ve put the word “narrowed” in quotes, because I only received three. Nevertheless, please pick your favorite.


Vote for the Best Logo
Logo A
Logo B
Logo C


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14 thoughts on “Logo Finalists

  1. Dick, I think it doesn’t work yet – the following message comes up:

    “You did not select an answer. If you wish to vote in this poll, please select an answer and try again.”

  2. I am getting the same thing. This could be why there are zero votes so far lol

    Anyway I like the first one, just wish it was slightly smaller.

  3. Likewise getting the “You did not select an answer” ‘error’. Looks like we may have an “oopsie” here.

    I prefer the third one, myself; restrained but eloquent.

  4. That happens every freakin’ time. Note to the future Dick Kusleika: When you put pollhost html code on your blog, put spaces between the text and the slash in the input tags and any other self terminating tags.

    Thanks for the heads up guys, it should be good to go now.

  5. B: Conceptually the strongest, probably the favorite of hard core Excel fanatics, but lacking broader appeal because XL is too cryptic for common mortals.

    C: Eloquent enough, but as mentioned, fairly restrained, edging towards banality.

    A: Seems to be a good compromise between B and C – its visual appeal is good, (it’s the only one in 3D)it has character and wit, the tablets being incorporated in the text.

  6. I love choice A, but I think it isn’t getting a lot of votes because it appears too large. Maybe you could resize the image a little smaller?

  7. Even though I designed B, I voted for… well B, of course. LOL. [:D]

    Seriously, I can add a 3-D look to it, but it’ll take more time. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I’ll resize letter A and email it to you in just a moment.

    They all look great. I do think C looks more refined, but needs some green. Perhaps if you “fill” one of the three pills with green? Or change the orange to green? I do like it, though.

  8. If I could do that, I could design my own logo.

    Copy and paste into Paint then go to Image | Stretch/Skew and reduce/enlarge to your heart’s content… But it still looks like a boat anchor even at 50% of original.

  9. They are all good but none of them are really jumping out.

    Maybe “C” if I had to choose one of them but maybe change the emphasis of the words. I personally think the emphasis should be on the word Excel.

  10. people say that B is 3D – when really the letter D on the pills is just a plain old shadow D thats been rotated. The perspective is all wrong.

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