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This function seems to do the same thing that WordPress does when it converts the post’s title into a url. That is, it makes all valid characters lowercase, removes invalid characters, and converts spaces into dashes (or whatever you call Chr$(45)).

It’s all part of an ill-advised attempt at using Excel to make WordPress posts.

The function uses a For Next loop to loop through each character of a string. The ASCII equivalent of the string is tested in a Select Case block. The absence of a Case Else line is what excludes the bad characters.

Function CleanPostName(ByVal sPostName As String, _
    Optional ByVal bCreateURL As Boolean = False) As String
    Dim idx As Long
    Dim sNew As String
    For idx = 1 To Len(sPostName)
        Select Case Asc(Mid$(sPostName, idx, 1))
            Case 48 To 57 ‘leave numbers
               sNew = sNew & Mid$(sPostName, idx, 1)
            Case 65 To 90, 97 To 122 ‘convert letters to lowercase
               sNew = sNew & LCase$(Mid$(sPostName, idx, 1))
            Case 45 ‘leave dashes – no two dashes
               If idx > 1 And Right$(sNew, 1) <> Chr$(45) Then
                    sNew = sNew & Mid$(sPostName, idx, 1)
                End If
            Case 32 ‘convert spaces to dashes – multiple spaces = one dash
               If idx > 1 And Right$(sNew, 1) <> Chr$(45) Then
                    sNew = sNew & Chr$(45)
                End If
        End Select
    Next idx
    If bCreateURL Then
        sNew = “” & sNew & “/”
    End If
    CleanPostName = sNew
End Function

Update: Code updated to include numbers and eliminate double dashes.

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