Divisonal Double Elimination Brackets

My eight team golf league wanted to do tournament-style scheduling for the final six weeks of the season. We wanted double-elimination and it had to fit in six weeks. We went with a two-division, double-elimination bracket with a single-elimination championship match. This is what the Big XII uses for its baseball tournament, albeit slightly modified.

One difference that we had to account for was that everyone needed to play every week. Everyone paid, so it’s just silly to actually sit out when you have a bye or are eliminated. We structured it thusly: Eliminated teams and teams with a bye for that week would go into a pool and would play another pool team to whom they were randomly assigned. First and second place (for the season) would be determined by the brackets and third through eighth place would be determined using the same points system used throughout the season. This way, we could have all the excitement of elimination brackets, yet eliminated and bye-week teams would still be motivated to play well (to keep accumulating points to get into third or fourth place).

The spreadsheet uses many of the same techniques as the March Madness spreadsheet.

spreadsheet showing double elimination bracket

Download DoubleElimDiv.zip


  1. Tony Williams says:

    Pool table tournament

  2. eddie rodriguez says:

    how about the criss-cross bracket of double elimination, can you show it to me?

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