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There’s going to be an Excel User Conference in Fort Worth, TX this September. You can read about it at exceluserconference.com. They have a nice list of presenters. I’m considering going, I just need to see what my September schedule is going to be like. Leave me a comment if you’re going.

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  1. There was talk about having an event in the UK. During the exploration stage, a group in the UK expressed interest. We began planning an event in the US, but lost contact with the UK group.

    If anyone is interested in organizing a conference in the UK, I will help in whatever way possible. I can put them in contact with the interested parties.

  2. If you’re going, I will definitely try to make it. Please keep this site updated with your plans.

    Also, where can I get a copy of the CD that came with my “Excel 2000 Power Programming With VBA” book that I bought many moons ago?

    I do not actually have Excel 2000 any more, I removed it because it was unlicensed (turned over a new leaf, let’s say) but I figure a lot of the code is still valid for Excel 2003.

    Thanks John, if you can assist in any way. Can’t prove I bought the book, sorry.

    Bill Benson

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