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From Andrew’s Excel Tips

There’s a new Excel Question and Answer forum in town…(well, maybe not so new, but the site itself is new)

It’s called JMT Microsoft Excel QA Board. One could argue that we need another web based Excel forum about as much as we need another Brittney Spears fan site. But considering the guys who are running things over there, I’ve registered and will be checking it out from time to time.

They need to figure out how to get an RSS feed in there so I can read it from Bloglines.

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5 thoughts on “New Web Forum

  1. Hi Dick,

    Thanks for the nice introduction. Yeah, yet another forum… but I like the idea because more people means more solutions, plus learning a trick or two on the side(in my case at least ;-) )

    We’re very glad to have you as a member! Thanks again!


    PS, we’ll have a look at an RSS feed too

  2. Hi Dick, thanks became a member of the forum. About RSS, that free forum package doesn’t have RSS function. So I must write the code in perl script. It seems interesting. :-)

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