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This site has been getting creamed by comment spam from an online poker site.

http://online–– (Sorry no link, I’m not raising their google ranking.)

Here’s the headlines from that site:

  • Online poker is the primary beautiful for pastime live, multi-user poker
  • The good for tournaments and games is our site!
  • We all time online and thousands passion fans are connected to our tables.

My theory is that these people are Chinese. There used to be a Chinese restaurant called Three Happiness and it was one of my coworkers favorite Chinese places. I developed this story about a family of Chinese immigrants that came to Omaha. They were learning English and wanted to start a restaurant. But what to name it? Someone suggests Happiness because their customers will be happy if they eat there. But if happiness is good, then three times the happiness would be better, so they called it Three Happiness. Years later, when they had mastered English, they realized that the name doesn’t make any sense. But they didn’t want to reprint all those business cards, so they stuck with it. When customers would ask them about the name, they would make up a story about an ancient Chinese tradition called Three Happiness, where people would achieve happiness by practicing the three pillars of wisdom: Frugality, Temperance, and Chastity.

Of course I never asked the proprietors where the name came from. My story was far more interesting than the truth could ever be.

And yes, I do click on many of the spammers links. They use my bandwidth, I use theirs. It’s a drop in the bucket, but it’s all I have.

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3 thoughts on “Three Happiness Online Poker

  1. 1.I like your website.
    2.I have learn so much from you.
    3.I disagree with you.

    The number three in Chinese, it means “a few” or “several”. In this case, Three Happiness means — a few good things will happen one after another. Sometimes, ESL people can not explain things precisely, so they often times will simplify their stories. Now, go ahead to search “Three Happiness restaurant”, “Five Happiness restaurant”, “Six Happiness restaurant” or even “Nine Happiness restaurant” on Google, you will be surprised.


  2. Julian: Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea there were half a million restaurants named Three Happiness – and I thought I had a good theory going.

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