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I have bandwidth issues, presumably because my first page has too many posts on it. I’ve reduced it to 8 (from 20). I’ve purchased more bandwidth for December, so no worries about a shutdown. vl=5

Earlier this week, I upgraded WordPress to the newest release. It broke the lost password process (which as since been fixed), and maybe more. If something doesn’t work that did before, let me know.

I may be inviting Rob van Gelder and Jamie Collins to be authors. They leave such good comments, that I think they would be good additions. I don’t have anyone else in mind – in case you’re worried that I won’t have any readers left because they’ll all be authors. (I think that’s called a Wiki.) I haven’t invited them yet, so if you have any strong objection to it, send me a private email in the next day or so. I’m more interested in keeping the authors I have happy than adding new authors (because you guys do such a good job) so if anyone has an objection, I simply won’t invite them. Be sure to tell me if you do.

I installed this ViewLevel plugin that allows you to see this post, but not normal readers/visitors. By putting a certain character sequence in the body of the post, it puts a padlock by the title and hides it from anyone who’s not an author level 5. The character sequence is ‘vee ell equals five’ (I don’t know how to escape it, so I typed it out) No single quotes, no spaces, and convert those words into letters, symbols and numbers.

Here’s an email I got from O’Reilly books:

Hi there.

I was wondering if you or any of your site’s other authors might be
interested in review copies of some of O’Reilly’s Excel books.

There are three in particular I thought someone might want to take a look at:

Excel Hacks
Excel 2003 Programming: A Developer’s Notebook

Excel Annoyances

If you’re interested in looking at any of those and possibly reviewing
them, just let me know (and provide a mailing address) and I’ll send them.


-Dawn Mann
O’Reilly Media, Inc.
1005 Gravenstein Highway N., Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 827-7088, Fax (707) 829-0104,

If you have any interest in reviewing any of the these titles, let me know. I’ll be replying to her after the first of the year.

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5 thoughts on “Author Update

  1. Stephen, Jan Karel
    probably would be quite a lot of fun to share the reviews for one of these books :-)


  2. Frank,

    Yes, good idea!
    Let us agree that as soon as any of us gets the job, we notify each other somehow. Mail would be best I guess.

    Or maybe we can start a private “authors” blog here.

  3. Hi Jan Karel
    email would be a good idea in this case. So let’s see if we get a book for review. O’Reilly only has to be willing to ship the books to Europe for any of us thre :-)


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