More Office Poems

In Ode to Excel, I demonstrated what a terrible poet I am. While I already knew that, I figured it would be the first poem ever written about an Office product and therefore would have value, if only freak value. This morning I found Ode to Word (thanks for the trackback, Rich). I don’t know poetry, but this one must be good because it doesn’t rhyme (that’s how you can tell when they’re good).

If this weekend is a holiday you celebrate, then I hope it’s happy for you. If not, the I hope you at least get a day off work.

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2 thoughts on “More Office Poems

  1. Dick,

    There’s only a couple of blogs I visit religiously, and yours is one of them. And if I was placed in a position where I had to choose between blogs, your’s would win out.

    Cracking job all round. I sincerly hope you have a great Christmas (if you celebrate it. Otherwise, enjoy the day off work…).

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I’m quite naughty throughout the year, so I don’t get many Christmas presents. I have a strange affinity for Christmas songs, which I can’t listen to other times of the year without getting wierd looks, so I like the season for that.

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