Sunny Arizona

I’m off to sunny AZ today for a little vacation. You won’t hear from me again until Monday. In addition to my in-law duties and some slots gaming at the Seriöse Online Casinos ohne Lizenz I plan to do, I will be meeting a couple of fellow MVPs, so I’m really looking forward to the trip. Maybe JWalk will let me make a drunken post from his computer. In the mean time, here’s some programming notes:

  • The new authors that have posted have all thanked me for the opportunity. You’re welcome, and thank you. The posts have been excellent and I look forward to reading them. Based on the comments that you guys get, I think other readers approve as well. Keep up the good work.
  • There are still some nagging problems from the move to WordPress that I’m working out. I’m re-categorizing all the old posts and I’m working backwards. I’m on August now.
  • WordPress really likes to screw with the VBA code I post, and I plan on fixing that. It doesn’t like backslashes (reverse solidus) and the single and double quotes are all screwy. I plan on slowly working my way through the old posts and fixing them, but I’m in no big hurry to start that chore. If you read an archived post that just doesn’t look right, drop me a line so I can fix it up.
  • I have some suggestions on how to get the post title into the rss feed for comments. I will be trying to implement them next week to see what works. This should really happen by default. Who wants to read comments without knowing to which post they relate?
  • I also plan to migrate the material from my other Excel site to blog posts. I can’t think of any good reason to have this stuff in two places. Then I’ll have to figure out something to do with that other site. Maybe I’ll start a Brittney Spears fan site. I wonder if anyone has thought of that yet.

If you’re at work or it’s cold where you are, then take solace that I’m warm and probably drunk.

3 thoughts on “Sunny Arizona

  1. “then take solace that Iím warm and probably drunk.”

    I feel better already, Dick. Have fun!

  2. What with you on hols to Arizona and J-Walk complaining his pool is too cold … I think jealousy is probably closer to the mark than solace.

    But anyway, have fun, drink lots and get us a picture of you all in the pool!

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