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Hi All!

If you do any data manipulation in Excel, take a look at:

EasyFilter is a free download that allows easy and intuitive filtering of

The Addin is accessed from the Data > Filter menu command or a Right Click
within a data table.

Filter Options are on separate tabbed User Interface and options available

Equal-Not Equal [Filters for up to five alternative = or <> criteria]
Blanks [Filters for Blanks or non Blanks]
Greater-Less [Filters for >= OR > AND / OR < = OR <]
Begins-Contains-Ends [Ideal for filtering text fields]
Unique-Duplicate [At last an easy way to hunt out uniques and duplicates]
Special [Text searching with wild cards with up to 5 Or / And criteria]

With exception of Unique-Duplicates, option tab, you have 5 “Where-Hows”

Filter in place
Copy to new worksheet
Copy to new workbook
Delete rows
Hide rows

Unique-Duplicate has:
Filter in place
Operate on the criteria field only and copy uniques:
to another location
to a new worksheet
to a new workbook
copy entire data table to a new workbook with a new field that labels
uniques and duplicates.

There’s also a full User Guide and a EasyFilter Sample Database.xls file
that you can use to take EasyFilter out for a test run.
both files are made by Excel MVP Norman Harker.

Ron de Bruin

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  1. Good idea Ron, I’ve often though about doing somthing like that myself, but never got round to it… well now i wont have to!, and it will be much better than mine to boot!;)

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