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If any readers or authors are interested in site statistics, here are a few for you. Stats are tracked using Reinvigorate. As far as I know, there’s no facility to link to real time stats.

It looks like I should have set up Reinvigorate a little earlier in the move. I lost about a week of hits in November.

By month, browser, screen res, and timezone:





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7 thoughts on “Site Statistics

  1. Nice Dick, this site get hit every ~45 seconds, that’s impressive, but not surprising :)

    Tell you what though, I wouldn’t get away with a chart like “Most Popular Browser” (safari v’s other). I had to spend 2 hours explaining why showing percentages from factions with no decimal places would lead to problems (think, 1/3+1/3+1/3 in % to 0 s.d.p = 33%+33%+33% =99%).
    “Cant you just round it up to 100%?”
    “Boss, I can round it up to any thing you like, it just wont be right that’s all”
    “ok, well lets try rounding it up”

    Only another 8000 cells to inspect then!

    Thats quite off topic, sorry!

  2. As far as I know, there’s no facility to link to real time stats.

    “The first piece of software you can download is a website user monitor that allows you to display in real-time how many users are on your site (using Java and FlashMX Socket/XMLSocket connectivity)”

    This client + server software bundle will allow you to display the number of users on your website in real time to everyone who visits your site. Simply run the server software on your websites server and stick the flash movie onto one (or all) of the pages on your website.

    seems to need Java SDK on the server – I don’t think i could be asked with it.

  3. The chart “Most Popular Screen Resolutions” shows another problem. When you have a 3D chart, the data can be skewed. The yellow wedge takes up about a 90° slice of the pie, but the legend tells us it’s only 18% of the total.

    Avoid using charts with fake 3D effects, unless you’re really trying to be misleading.

  4. Hi Dick,

    I briefly posted time zone stats as part of the newsgroup stats that I maintain ( But, then, I discovered that all of AOL customers are reported as originating in Virginia, US with post times in GMT. I also vaguely recall some other large organization (don’t remember which) that reported all posts using GMT. Made a hash of time zone and/or geographic information.

  5. I’m located in Massachusetts, but my ISP tells outsiders I’m in California, and gives me times in PST/PDT. My previous employer was in Jersey, and all internet traffic went through Phoenix.

    Times, time zones, and assumed locations must be looked at with suspicion.

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