Blog Readers Choice Awards Revisited


Hooray! I’m a finalist. Thanks to everyone who nominated this site. If you still like the Daily Dose, feel free to vote at

Or by clicking the new TechWeb image or link on the sidebar. Voting ends November 12, 2004.

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13 thoughts on “Blog Readers Choice Awards Revisited

  1. Unfortunately, the URL you tried led you here. We may be experiencing technical problems, you may have used a no-longer-active link or you may have mis-typed the address. Please try reloading the page, or re-entering the URL.

  2. I voted for you Dick! Your blog is definitely the best out there. I read it every day and learn new stuff all the time. I appreciate it and keep it up! I hope you win.

  3. Congratulations, well earned.
    I think I voted for you before but at the moment (07:30 GMT) I can’t get on to the site to vote – getting a time out. Will try and remember to check later.

  4. Now that the URL’s correct, I’ve voted. Good luck, Dick (Kusleika, not Cheney).

    What make this blog good are the depth of its content (beginner to advanced), the breadth of coverage of the content, and the interactions with the many readers.

    – Jon

  5. Dick – my vote is in. Congratulations and good luck!

    By the way, I have to start studying for the CPA exam tonight and need to pass the whole thing by August 2005. Got any advice on the best way to successfully get through it i.e how long did you study, did you take any review courses, etc.? I get the feeling that life as I’ve known it has come to an end.

  6. Thanks Wolfgang. Your emails are in my todo folder in Outlook. I promise I’ll look at them this week.

    John: I didn’t take any of the review courses although I heard they were good (Becker?). I didn’t want to shell out $1,500. I bought a program called MicroMash which shot multiple choice questions at you. I answered every question until I had answered each three times correctly. Then I reviewed the example essay questions they provides. I really don’t recall how much time I spent studying, but it was significantly less than others I talked to. Some of the questions on the test were identical in MicroMash and some were so close they may as well have been identical. It took me two tries to get it all done, passing two parts the first time (and conditioning the other two) and passing two the second time. I got pretty lucky with the essay questions. Good luck.

  7. Dick, coincidently the MicroMash review is what the company that I work for has provided to me too. Since most of my co-workers were already CPAs when hired, I didn’t know anyone who had taken the course. It’s good to know you had a good outcome with it. Thanks again.

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