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When you select New from the File menu, the New dialog box is displayed. Usually, the New dialog will have some tabs that organize the templates that are available. This example has the General, Spreadsheet Solutions, and Office 97 Templates tabs.


You can add your own tabs to this dialog by adding subfolders to the Templates folder. One way to find your templates folder is to type ?Application.TemplatesPath in the Immediate Window of the VBE.

If you have more than one version of Excel on your computer, Excel will show the contents all your Templates folders in the New dialog, even those from previous versions. Note that in my Templates folder that there is no Spreadsheet Solutions folder. It does exist, however, in the Templates folder of my Excel97 installation.


I’ve added a new folder called Dicks Templates. This folder will show up as a tab on the New dialog, but only if there is at least one Excel template in it. Once I put a template in it, the New dialog looks like this:


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5 thoughts on “Tabs Under File New

  1. Dick this is a great daily dose.

    Quick slightly OT question on the XL templates… how can I modify the default blank workbook template that XL opens when I use the CTRL-N keyboard shortcut. I know I can use the XLSTART folder to open up a file every time XL is started, and I do use that for a custom add-in with all of my personal XL utilities stored in it, but that is a little different than changing the default blank file that I get every time I use CTRL-N.


  2. Most people have Microsoft Word on their machines as well as Excel. The templates path can also be found by going to Microsoft Word under Tools – Options – File Locations – User Templates.

  3. Thanks so much Dick, the post about creating a sheet.xlt and book.xlt and putting them in the XLSTART folder worked perfectly.


  4. I am creating an install file that I want to put templates and other files in specific places on a users computer. Since the username will be different for each person installing, how can I specify the location for template files?

    Very usefull information thusfar, thanks!

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