NETWORKDAYS Holiday “Errors”

Is NETWORKDAYS giving you the wrong results? It seemed that it was for me. I had ten holidays listed, but it was only subtracting eight! Well, I spent about ten minutes trying to figure it out, then I gave up and googled it. Norman Harker provides the (obvious) answer here:

Why Didn’t I Think of This

The problem was that some of the holidays land on Saturday or Sunday. Dang, there’s some brain cycles I can never get back. Thanks to the anonymous person who presented this problem.


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3 thoughts on “NETWORKDAYS Holiday “Errors”

  1. The convention for US holidays falling on a weekend is that those on a Saturday are lost, whereas those on a Sunday roll to the following Monday. Therefore for 1978 the New Year’s holiday would be on the 2nd, and Veteran’s Day would be lost.
    This rule is straightforward for US holidays, but can quite involved for other countries.

  2. “I had ten holidays listed, but it was only subtracting eight!”

    Yeah OK Dick blame Excel for that little error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Sorry boss, honest mistake like, guv” yeahhhhhhhhhh, -lol ;-)

  3. Guys, How do i change the weekend from Saturday, Sunday to Friday, Saturday in NETWORKDAYS formula?

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