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According to TypePad, I will be exceeding my bandwidth limit this month. This is the first time I’ve ever checked this stat, so I don’t know if it’s a big deal or not. It will be a big deal if I get shut down.


I suppose it’s good news that I’m over the limit. That must mean that people are reading this site – and that ain’t not bad. Nevertheless, I’ll probably have to find a new home for it soon. I’ll be pinging both Longhead and msmvps.com in the next couple of days to see about moving it there. Longhead hosts my other site, and they are an absolutely terrific host. They were going to install blogging software just for me when I started this, but I called them off to go with TypePad. I’m sure they would still do it (maybe they’ve done it already), but if msmvps.com works out, it won’t make much difference to me.

Irrespective of any moves I make, I’m thinking of recajiggering my categories. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into them when I set this up, but I think it may be easier to find information if I had more categories. Question for you: Should I have more, less, or the same number of categories that I have now? If you said more, would you care to suggest some? I’m thinking VBA Basics and VBA Advanced should go away and all those posts should be split up into categories like Userforms, Userform Controls, Looping, etc.. I haven’t quite worked out what those would be, so any suggestions you have would be peachy.

Atomz, the fine folks who provide the search at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar sent me a message that they will now be including advertising in the search results. I don’t blame them. I think they offer a nice service and they deserve to make a buck. That doesn’t mean I will still be using them, but I think I’ll see what it looks like before I do anything hasty.

Finally, I’m on the road to recovery from my summer cold. I was hoping it was a cat alergy in disguise (more on that later), but alas, I seem to be getting better.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Dose Programming Notes

  1. When I decided to move my web site off GeoCities, I went for cheap, because Excel was really still “just a hobby”. For the cheap price, I got more bandwidth than I could use, and exceeding it isn’t like using up your cellular minutes; there’s a reasonable per-GB fee proportional to the regular fee divided by the regular limit.

    They also offer ftp, blogs, chat rooms, message boards, searching, all that nice stuff, included in the basic fee. They have some tools for online business which I don’t use (yet) but which seem reasonably priced. If you like your regular host, you could inquire about such additional services.

    – Jon

  2. Like the idea of more cats, maybe a sort of tree layout might work (even if just in theory), so you have VBA in which there is form & controls, functions, error handling, looping, arrays & collection etc. then, you have worksheet functions, databases, maths, formatting and “manipulation”, I donít know.. just a though like. ñ just thinking a bit more, there no real need to the ìtreeî really is there ëcus your just gonna have VBA and worksheets functions! Yeah, I like the idea more categories though.
    With regard to the sreach, Iíve usally been been able to find what I need using Atom on both yours and J-walks sites. Google are doing obe now, but I donít know what thatís like ñ isnít J-walk using it? Maybe you could automatically install a search bar into peopleís browses as soon as they visit the site, you could also reset their home page, and maybe mined their hard disks for browsing habits, that might be the way to go, eh?

  3. This would be a far better spot to put my query, but as i’m reading things in order of the most recent post…

    Please refer to the “Devil Cat” post for my thoughts…

  4. Thanks for the comment, Jon. You know my other host as Jake Marx. His company is affordable and very responsive, so I do like it. It’s so affordable, that I feel bad asking him to add stuff. Particularly when msmvps is free.

    Ross: Thanks for the category ideas. I would add a search bar to your browser, but the virus that I download alreay slows down the page too much.

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