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I’m one of those guys that can’t read a word I don’t know without looking it up. It’s a sickness, really. I used to go to dictionary.com all the time, but there wasn’t any way to save the words I was looking up. I put together this add-in to look up words and be able to save them. It’s not perfect, but it suits my needs.

Download MyDict.xla

Here’s a screen shot. Let me know what you think.

It may put a toolbar button on one of your toolbars, sorry about that. You can delete the Workbook_Open sub to stop that annoying behavior.

11 thoughts on “Look It Up

  1. Very nice.
    need a to be hooked up though.

    Question where are the words (ie, in the saved list) saved? or how are they saved to the lable box?

    also, the toolbar button, was put in my drawing tool bar? and it was not removed – by design?

    I myself just stick any words i don’t know into a word document, then delete them once i know them!

  2. “Question where are the words (ie, in the saved list) saved? or how are they saved to the lable box?”

    In a sheet in the add-in. Did you use it when you weren’t conneted? What happended?

    “by design?”

    By default design – which means it works for me, but I wasn’t thinking of other people. I really should remove that when it closes.

    “then delete them once i know them!”

    I need to add a button to delete just one entry so I can do the same thing.

  3. I see the sheet(3) shSaveList, but i cant see it in excel, is it very hidden or something?

    Also is this an Add in, it’s a xls, not a alx?

    Have not tried of line, will do so now and post back!

  4. REPORT!

    Error message: 1004

    Unable to open
    web address.
    Cannot locate the internet server or proxy server


    standard fair!

  5. ross: It’s an xla (add-in) so none of the sheets are not visible. You shouldn’t need to get to the sheet – all the operations should be from the form (I know that’s not true.) You can change the IsAddin property of ThisWorkbook to change it to an xls and be able to see those sheets.

    Thanks for checking the offline thing. I should put some error checking in there to provide a little better message.

  6. Thanks Ross. I don’t know why that happens. The file is named xla, but when I download it it names it MyDict.xla.xls. It was suggested to me that I put everything in a zip file anyway, maybe that will take care of the problem.

  7. Dick,
    This is the coolest add-in I’ve ever seen! I had no idea that you could access information like that from the ‘net. Have you done any posts on how to accomplish that? If so, could you direct me to them? If not, would you consider it? After you’re done training, of course!

    In addition to that, I wanted to generally thank you for the blog. You’re starting to surpass JWalk on information provided! I like the format, and the fact that you can focus on one thing at a time. Keep it up! I’ve learned a ton from you already.

  8. Kevin: Thanks for the kind words. Look for a post next week. I’m not an expert on it, but I’ll at least tell you what I know. Then it will be up to you to figure out if I know what I’m talking about.

  9. Dick: I’ve been playing around with the code, and I like what you did! Pretty slick. I changed it around a bit, because I like http://www.m-w.com better than http://www.dictionary.com.

    Also, I added the capability of using MW’s thesaurus, because I use that a lot, too. I love being able to just pull it up in Excel, which I already have open, and not have to mess around with IE.

    Looking forward to your post next week.

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