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Since JWalk won’t be posting for a couple of days, and all his readers are Jonesing, I endeavor to keep you entertained in his absence.

The problem is that I have no idea where he finds this stuff. So I’m going to type some random words into google and posts the links here. Here’s the first one

Apple Varieties

I don’t see on this page where they mention Pink Lady apples. Pink Ladies are by far the best apple I’ve ever had. If you’re an apple afficianado, then do yourself a favor and pick up some Pink Ladies.

Apparently, Pink Lady apples are for women. Bah, I cast off the shackles of our society and enjoy them anyway.

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4 thoughts on “JWalkBlog Anonymous

  1. Toad: You are wiser than you know. I only switched from Fujis to Pink Ladies a month ago – the supermarket was out of Fujis.

  2. I’ll admit, Dick, that I didn’t have you pegged as a “Pink Lady” kinda guy. Given your attraction to things Asian (Lucy Liu, learning Japanese), I’d’ve guessed you were a Fuji apple eater. Just goes to show. Bon appetit.

  3. Fujis have been my favorite for some time. Now I’m gonna have to try a Pink Lady. I wonder what kinda look I’ll get from Mrs. Toad when I ask her to pick some up for me?

  4. What is up with the order of the comments? I am confused. (But we have already determined that I confuse easily) It reads like Toad’s comment at 4:57 was written before Dick’s reply at 4:56..? Where does the time come from?

    I wonder why I spend my time pondering things like this….

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