Wheres my 14.4 modem?

I’m posting from the TV at my hotel. It’s about as much fun as pulling out my fingernails with pliers. It took about 15 minutes to log in and typing this is about one letter per second. Oh yeah, no mouse either. It’s easy to forget how handy those little critters are. Back to the hotel bar for a $5 beer. I’ll post later if I’m in the mood for some torture.

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3 thoughts on “Wheres my 14.4 modem?

  1. Aw Dick, its notthat bad. Im sing it right ow. Heksd nbdoi. Nijse mnpo.mnoprpm./lk#i

  2. I thought you guys were using some kind of special MVP code…until I figured JWalk was pulling our legs. Good one :)

  3. Dick,
    Here’s a post so you’ll feel better about getting more traffic while you’re out of town. I like the fact that you started an Excel blog — I hope JWalk does the same, so I can have three blogs I actually read!

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