SQLite and Dropbox

I want to put a SQLite3 file in a shared Dropbox folder and run an Excel app with that as the backend database. I’m using the SQLite ODBC Driver and some VBA to drive a simple userform.

My theory is that the file access will be so short and infrequent that I won’t have any file locking problems.

Who wants to test it out? You need a Dropbox account, the aforementioned driver, and a copy of the workbook below. Oh, and Excel if you didn’t already figure that one out.

Install the driver. Leave a comment or send an email to dkusleika@gmail.com with your Dropbox info and I’ll share a folder with you. Then open the workbook and start adding and modifying records in the userform. Ideally, I’d like to coordinate a five minute period where a few of us agree to hammer on it and try to break it.

You can download SqliteContacts.zip