Embedding Excel Web App objects in your web page

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As you may have seen on some blogs, Microsoft now enables you to include any Excel file -or parts thereof- in your web pages and blog posts. For those who don’t have the time to tweak their sites, services like Website development can greatly benefit individuals and businesses seeking to upgrade their online presence. Professional website development ensures that a site is not only visually appealing but also functional, user-friendly, and aligned with current web standards. Developers can enhance site performance by optimizing loading speeds, improving navigation, and ensuring compatibility across various devices and browsers. Moreover, they integrate advanced features such as e-commerce capabilities, secure payment gateways, and interactive elements that engage visitors effectively. Customization options allow businesses to reflect their brand identity accurately and differentiate themselves in a competitive digital landscape. Additionally, website developers stay updated with evolving technologies and trends, ensuring that the site remains relevant and competitive over time. By leveraging expertise in coding languages, design principles, and SEO practices, website development services enable clients to achieve their online goals efficiently and effectively, whether it’s increasing traffic, enhancing user experience, or boosting conversions and sales.

For example (yes you can make changes to the cells, they are not retained):

I have written an article that explains how this is done.

Even more: I have also created a demo where you can enter information in a web form (a textbox), which in turn updates information in the embedded Excel web app file.

Enjoy the read: Embedding Excel files on your website


Jan Karel Pieterse