Moving Sheets within the Workbook

Moving sheets within a workbook is one of those things that’s just easier with a mouse. You can click on a sheet, drag it, and the little arrow tells you where it will land. If you hold down the Ctrl key while you do it, you’re copying.

If you’re more of a keyboard guy (ahem), you probably already know that you can use Alt+HOM (Home > Format > Move or Copy Sheet…) to get the Move or Copy dialog. Of course it’s under Format. I mean, really, that’s the natural place for it. Home > Format is the Insert Tab of dropdowns, if you get my meaning.

That dialog defaults to the same workbook, so you’re moving within the workbook by default. Back in 2009, I took over the Move or Copy dialog as I am wont to do. That uses Alt+EV – the 2003 method for displaying the Move or Copy dialog. Back then, I settled on using my mouse to move sheets within a workbook and using my simpler dialog for moving them between workbooks. I’m very happy with my dialog box and use it all the time.

Today I decided to make a keyboard shortcut for moving within a workbook. I already have code to wrap while switching worksheets. I decided on Ctrl+Alt+PgUp/PgDn. Just Ctrl is how you navigate from one worksheet to the next. Ctrl+Shift groups worksheets together. So that left me with Ctrl+Alt. After one use, I can honestly say that I’m in love.

First I add my shortcuts to Auto_Open

and to turn them off in Auto_Close

The code is pretty darn similar to the Wrap Sheets code except that it moves the sheet rather than activating it.

If you don’t want to add this code to your PMW (YET!), you can try it out here.

You can download

4 thoughts on “Moving Sheets within the Workbook

  1. I though Alt+e, v was the shortcut and I stole it. But you’re right, it’s “m” and I just made my own. How quickly I forget.

  2. Why not simply:

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