And the Winner Is

The winner of the Access 2016 Bible is:


who commented

Does it help my chances at all if I casually mention that Daily Dose of Excel is my browser’s home page?

No, it doesn’t help your chances. But it did help that the RAND() function next to your name returned the lowest value between 0 and 1. So good work!

ChipG wins the most clever comment prize for this comment:

The prize for most clever comment is nothing. But I’m sending him a consolation prize anyway. Let’s see… What do I have handy… I guess all I have is another copy of Access 2016 Bible. That shouldn’t set a bad precedent for future contests.

Thanks to everyone who commented and retweeted. When you do go buy the book, I promise I’ll spend my share wisely.

Access 2016 Bible

7 thoughts on “And the Winner Is

  1. For a second there, I seriously considered simply deleting all comments on that post but my own. In fact, I was going to leave a second one in the hope that there would be a consolation prize. Then I remembered that I still have an unread version of the 2013 Access bible, so thought it safer to retain my admin privileges and instead simply move it from the bottom of the books-i’ve-purchased-but-never-read pile to the top of the books-i’ve-purchased-but-never-read pile.

  2. Jeff, you should really get a kindle. They’re great. Now my stack of books I’ll never read is the thickness of a kindle. And since I never read, I’ve never had to charge it. Ah, technology.

  3. Do reference type books work on a Kindle? Novels – yes, because you rarely, if ever, need to go back to look at a page you’ve already visited. Mind you, does it matter if you’ll never read the reference book?

  4. I read a book with a lot of figures on a kindle once and I won’t make that mistake again. So I guess my opinion is that reference books probably don’t work well on the kindle.

  5. Random or not, thanks for choosing me! USPS shows it was just delivered, which means it’s probably on my doorstep under today’s 3″ of snow gaining that “weathered” look I like all my books to have. Starting tomorrow, I plan to keep it on my desk at work next to the Excel 2007 Bible and Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA. I haven’t actually read either of those, but I do like to stare blankly into them on Friday afternoons to run out the clock. My hope is that this new addition will give my boss the impression that I’m learning something new without actually requiring me to, you know, learn something new. In my experience, managing perception is as important as managing reality.

    Anyways, thanks again!

    P.S. — Regarding the Kindle, there’s an app for that. You guys may enjoy the flexibility of being able to ignore all the books-you’ll-never-read directly from your phones.

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