Pre-Order 101 Ready-To-Use Excel Formulas

The venerable Mike Alexander and I wrote a book last Spring and now you can pre-order it at Amazon (ships next month). 101 Ready-To-Use Excel Formulas

This book is not a list of worksheet functions and a description of their arguments. It contains fully formed formulas that solve real world problems. For example, there’s a whole chapter on financial formulas like creating an amortization schedule and calculating depreciation. I know financial stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why we included 101 formulas. Mike wanted to write a book called One Ready-to-Use Excel Formula, but I said “Wait, what if we increased that number so there’s something for everyone?” I’m always looking out for you, dear reader.

You definitely want to buy one for yourself. But you should also buy one for that person in the office that needs it. You know that person who adds up the numbers in a spreadsheet on a calculator and then types the sum into Excel? Leave a copy of this book anonymously on his desk. Your boss might even reimburse you for it.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Order 101 Ready-To-Use Excel Formulas

  1. I think it’s Gandalf, but we barely have any LOTR references in there, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  2. I guess getting rid of the One Circular Reference in your formula is as important as getting rid of the One Ring. But I can tell you as a person that actually lives in Middle Earth that that is not Gandalf. I should know…Gandalf’s picture is on one side of our $100 note, and Peter Jackson is on the other.

  3. I’m not sure who that redneck on the cover of the book is.

    Dick did all the heavy lifting on the complex formulas.
    I did my part, but let’s be honest; a parapalegic waiter could have brought more to the table.

    I’m just kidding; I rocked my chapters.

    I just wanted to smear Dick’s blog with that parapeligic joke.

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