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I need this procedure automatically called from every entry point procedure I run:

When I refer to properties, I say “The x property of the y object”, as in “The Value property of the Range object”. I’m updating the DDoE style guide to reflect a change a recent editorial decision. From now on, I will refer to properties as “The y.x property”, as in “The Workbook.FullName property” or “The Collection.Add method”. Please make a note of it.

Chandoo is polling his readers to find their favorite Excel feature. There’s almost 50 comments as of this writing and a lot of good features mentioned. A couple of people, including Chandoo, named formulas as a top feature. You can’t say formulas are the best feature of Excel. That’s like saying wetness is the best feature of the Ocean. Or cheesiness is the best feature of the Moon. Formulas are Excel. They are Excel’s essence. Aren’t they?

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the 2010 UI for a couple of months now (formerly mostly using VBA). The thing I’m most grateful for is autocomplete of Table references. I prefix all my Table name with tbl, so I can type =SUMPRODUCT((tbl {tab} [#A {tab} and half my formula is written for me. I should make a video of that, because typing it doesn’t do it justice. Or I’ll just go find one on Contextures since Debra has created every possible Excel video.

I don’t know if that qualifies as my favorite Excel feature, but I smile a little every time I use it.

Here’s a picture of my new grill. Summer is here.

7 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts

  1. I’m right there with you on the Tables Intellisense. I have one table that I import into roughly every 3rd workbook I create. I push a button in my utilities toolbar and there’s good ole “tblSchoolCrosswalk.” A couple of years later and I’m still getting that warm feeling every time I type “=MATCH(A2,tbls”…

  2. I agree with you about listing formulas as a feature. In the initial forum post that inspired Chandoo to make his Friday pool, the rules were you weren’t allowed to list VBA or formulas as desired features.

    Also, nice choice on the Weber Genesis E-310 ;). I’m a big fan of all Weber products (well, except for the giant spatulas). You clearly know a good grill when you see it.

  3. It’s really funny that Mike’s ‘weenies’ comment gets published straight away, whereas Doug’s comment goes to moderation. ;-)

  4. Jordan: I’ve been buying cheap grills my whole life. I finally decided to get something decent and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

    Jeff: I can’t even guess why Doug’s was moderated. Nonsensical “words” like tblSchoolCrosswalk?

  5. “Here’s a picture of my new grill. Summer is here.”

    Be sure to clean the snow off the grill this weekend before you fire it up. Global warming!

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