12 thoughts on “Surveys using Excel and Skydrive

  1. I guess this is why it’s called a beta site:

    Problem Viewing Survey
    We’re sorry. We can’t open this survey.

    Please contact the person who sent you this survey.

  2. Nice, Jan Karel. Curious, did you have to do any mashup stuff to get this to work, or was it just a matter of embedding the webapp view into the webpage?

  3. When you build the survey, you get a link to the survey itself (as shown in the post). I embedded the second sheet of the Excel file in the above post to show the results.
    One thing you cannot do yet is embed the survey itself. Pity.

  4. Every time I’ve looked today (3 or 4 times) the survey said what chip pointed out. Both on IE and Chrome browsers.

  5. When I looked at it this afternoon I had the same problem, but I just gave it another shot and managed to complete the survey. It was a little slow to load though.

  6. Second graph title “Excel version people use less often” seemed confusing to me until I saw the real survey question: “Which Excel version do you use 2nd?”.

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