How Microsoft Names Products

I was recently granted unprecedented access to Microsoft’s internal code base. I found this function to generate brand names for print and web. It really explains a lot.

Public Function MicrosoftifyBrandName(ByVal sBrand As String) As String

Dim vaSpace As Variant
Dim i As Long

vaSpace = Split(sBrand, Space(1))

For i = LBound(vaSpace) To UBound(vaSpace)
vaSpace(i) = vaSpace(i) & Chr$(174)
Next i

MicrosoftifyBrandName = Join(vaSpace, Space(1))

End Function

Here’s how to use it:

?microsoftifybrandname("Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Office Excel 2010")
Microsoft® SQL® Server® PowerPivot® for® Microsoft® Office® Excel® 2010®

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