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Some Access love

CattleMax is developed in Microsoft Access 2007. Access has been a key ingredient to our desktop software’s success. A lot of developers don’t give Access the credit it deserves as a powerful and rapid development tool. We have done extensive customizations to our interface to differentiate from the Access default templates and many customers don’t realize we are even using Access.

Not so much Access love

The Freight Calculator, a MS Access/VBA “app”, was previously maintained by a former fellow developer named Trent who had moved on to supposedly greener pastures a few weeks earlier.

I guess only Objective C qualifies as an “app”.

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4 thoughts on “Access Love

  1. I’ve never really understood the anti-Access snobbery I often run into. (Most of my development work is in Excel, but I do a fair amount of Access work, too.) Access is an excellent platform; you wouldn’t use it to run Cisco’s GL or AR/AP systems, but for departmental-scale it’s just fine.

    As for the “anti” view linked above…the problem there was not Access per se, but rather an original developer who would have been clueless in any platform/language :)

  2. Does anyone even believe the DailyWTF stories anyway? I used to read them regularly, but they sound so generic (and similar). Are there really ‘WTF’ moments occurring every single day? Or am I missing something.

  3. Patrick,
    I have for years used MDBs (Microsoft Databases) in many of my clients’ solutions. However, I never used Access to do the work to create the MDBs.

    I can understand what You mean. Honestly, I can be viewed as an anti-Access snob. Today I use Valentina DBs as embedded DBs in my solutions so now I’m even more far away ;-)

    Kind regards,

  4. […] give Access the credit it deserves as a powerful and rapid development tool. We have done… [full post] Dick Kusleika Daily Dose of Excel general 0 0 0 0 0 […]

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