In honor of DDoE’s sixth birthday, I thought I’d see how this blog is developing compared to other six-year-olds. From

At mealtimes, the six-year old has a very good appetite – I’ve been starving this blog for years, so no match there.
Very few six-year olds will nap – This blog just took a week long nap while I was in Vegas. I guess when I don’t sleep, it does.
Bathing is a bother to most six-year olds – DDoE is wearing the same clothes it wore three years ago. Reminds me of Summer camp.

To the extent you can compare a blog to a child, we’re not faring very well. Thankfully, I have a better way to celebrate: a free book.

The Excel Analyst's Guide to Access

I know you’re all Excel geeks – me too. So to have a chance to win The Excel Analyst’s Guide to Access, you have to email your funniest Access joke. And by funny, of course I mean disparaging to Access folk.

Here are the rules:

  • Send me an email with your Access joke.
  • I must receive the email by 12:00AM Central Daylight Time, April 1st, 2010.
  • You must send the email from the same email account with which you registered on this site. If you’re not registered, you can’t win. If you used a fake email to register, just include that fake email address in your message so I can confirm you’re registered.
  • This list of eligible entrants will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet, a random number will be entered next to his name, and the list will be sorted on the random number. Whoever is at the top, wins.
  • I’ll post the funniest jokes, but I won’t associate them with your name.
  • One entry per registered reader.
  • The winner will get my extra copy of The Excel Analyst’s Guide to Access mailed to the US (or reasonably priced) address of his choice
  • Any other rules that make this contest less of a burden on me or that I may choose to enact retroactively or otherwise makes the give-away legal and easy are hereby included.

According to DataPig, this book won’t be released until April 5th. And I don’t even know if the publisher is sending me a copy (I was the tech editor). But I’m sure it will all work out for the best.

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9 thoughts on “Six

  1. Happy #6 DDoE! (I follow but don’t comment much because I’m not an Excel geek, though I do aspire to be one day!)

  2. Debra: What can I say, I’m a humble man (which makes me even more awesome).

    By the way DK, Happy B-day on the blog. It’s easy to gloss over the achievement of carrying a blog for six years. Especially one on Excel. I’ve carried mine for six months and I’m exhausted.

  3. Well, I’m hoping to get two copies – one for me and one to give away. However, when I tech edit I read every chapter three times, so I know the book pretty well. :)

  4. Congratulations on your new year! I’m running hard to be a bona fide XL geek and it was this site that hooked me on VBA. I cannot thank all the regular contributors enough, both past and present.

    Brett Hamilton

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