Importing text files in an Excel sheet

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Many times it is a newsgroup post which triggers me to do a writeup on a specific subject. This time, a user asked how he could import a csv file every month, without having to go through the hassle of renaming the file and re-defining the import settings each time.

Opening the file in Excel directly gave unwanted results, similar to this:
Importing CSV files into Excel can be cumbersome...

I have added an article to my website which details out how to set things up properly to save you some work:

Importing text files in an Excel sheet

Jan Karel Pieterse

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3 thoughts on “Importing text files in an Excel sheet

  1. This was the most helpful tip I’ve seen this year on any of the Excel boards and blogs. I was able to put it to use immediately. and now will be able to do my EOM sheets in a tenth of the time. (Don’t tell my boss)

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