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I’ve recently rebuilt my computer, which means I get to figure out all those little settings that I’m accustomed to. Since re-installing MZ Tools, the accelerator keys don’t work on any of the dialog boxes. Take the Add Procedure dialog, for instance

With this open, I click Alt+A and instead of actuating the Add button, it opens the Add-in Manager button on the VBE toolbar. This is definitely not the way it worked for me before. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. It definitively doesn’t work on my machine (Win XP SP 3 / Excel 2010 beta). In addition to the userform accelerators not working, the tab key does not do its job.

    The keys work well with a modeless userform in my own addin.

    I notice that the MZ Tools userform has a special title bar. It appears that the programmer used API calls to change the window appearance? Could it be that that is the problem?

  2. I have the same problem – it has not worked for me in a long time – it might be due to moving to a new computer and reinstalling everything. It is quite annoying. Not only do the accelerator keys not work, nor the tab but also the default enter key does not work

  3. This problem was introduced here (so, reinstalling an old version with the latest one on the web site introduces the problem on your machine):

    MZ-Tools 3.00.1184 released (December 1, 2008)

    * Fixed: non-modal windows such as Find, Add Procedure or MsgBox Assistant did not show the window border on Windows Vista with Aero activated.

    To fix that problem for Aero in Vista I switched from non-modal forms to toolwindows, which are a different kind of form provided by the VBA environment (they are dockable, etc.) and don’t have the border problem. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the VBA API that causes that keyboard shortcuts, etc. don’t work as you have discovered. While I am unable to fix the problem of accelerators and Tab key, I can fix the problem of the Enter key. See:

    MZ-Tools 3.00.1189 released (December 1, 2009)

    * Fixed: the Find window didn’t recognize the Enter key when the focus was in the Find textbox/combobox in the VBA version of MZ-Tools. This bug was introduced in build 3.00.1184 (December 1, 2008) that replaced a modeless Find form by a toolwindow.

    Basically non-modal forms have always cause trouble in all Microsoft IDEs. Toolwindows are the way to go, but they have had problems with accelerators for 3rd party add-ins in all Microsoft IDEs too…

    I will try to fix the Enter key problem of the Add Procedure or MsgBox assistant when I have some spare time. Feel free to contact me on the MZ-Tools web site.

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