Problems related to KB973475 and KB973593

Hi All,

Many users (including customers of mine) have experienced trouble with two recent security updates by Microsoft, see:


There seem to be two hotfixes to this problem:

KB973475 Excel 2003 hotfix package :

KB973593 Excel 2007 hotfix package :;EN-US;978522

If you experience problems with your Excel, check if you have this update and if so, download the hotfix.
For other problems related to starting and stopping Excel, see:


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

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6 thoughts on “Problems related to KB973475 and KB973593

  1. we have been having this problem also and so have our customers
    thanks for the tip to the hotfix – have been trying to find work arounds – am going to install the hotfix now and see if it works – will report back if so.


  2. installed it on numerous VM Office 2003 installations and also one physical PC and seems to have solved the problem on all of them
    Thanks Jon

  3. Hi Jan,

    If you remember, I was one of the effected users. Thanks a lot for yours guidance 1 month back. That had created a hell of issues for me. Now I am relaxing. But I will install the hot fix only when some +ve feedback comes.


  4. KB973475 caused a specific VBA copy/paste operation to fail (see code below)….
    Uninstalling the patch corrected the problem.

    Interestingly, this Excel2003 problem occurs under Windows 7, and it has been
    confirmed that KB973475 does NOT cause a failure with Excel2003 under Windows XP

    VBA Code: Workbooks(StartUpFileName).Worksheets(“sheet1?).Range(“A1:Z70?).Copy

    ‘ this statement appears to not execute: there’s nothing to paste in the following statement, which then fails to the debugger
    ‘ (there are no ‘dancing ants’ around A1:Z70)
    ‘ [both WorkBook filenames are Excel spreadsheets]


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