Using controls on worksheets

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Using controls on worksheets

Apart from input cells chained to cells with formulas, there are other options in Excel to make your spreadsheet model more interactive. You can add option buttons, check boxes and list boxes to your sheet to offer choices to the user. Moreover, you can add scroll bars and spinners to quickly control values in cells. These elements are called controls because they enable your user to control the content of your model. This article shows how to put controls to use in your model.

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2 thoughts on “Using controls on worksheets

  1. I read the article “about controls on worksheet” but the only thing shown is form tools. Is it too mundane to talk about data validation? In a cell, sans vba, you choose from a list, between to values, or formulaic approach. Doesn’t that control a worksheet for someone doing data entry?

    The article should be entitled controls on worksheet using form tools.

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