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You probably noticed that the site has been unbearably slow lately. My host has made some changes, but I need more data points than just my own experience. If you can, use the comments of this post to let me know how this site’s speed compares to last week and how it compares to other sites. Thanks.

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17 thoughts on “Site Speed

  1. The site has been slow for some time now. Whether it is slower than last week I don’t know.

    On a few occasions, I just abandon my attempt to visit ddoe. Or, I open a new tab in my browser, enter the URL, go back to the previous tab, continue doing whatever I was doing there, and, at some point, after ddoe has finished loading, switch to its tab. Of course, there are times when it loads in ‘real time.’ {grin}

    Also, have you noticed the ‘Recent Comments’ section now shows the actual comment rather than just list the associated blog post? Without a context for the comment, the ‘Recent Comments’ section is quite unusable.

  2. Twice as fast as last week and half as fast as other sites that I’ve visted today. Note: No Excel chart will be forthcoming to back this up. ;-)

  3. wow – noticeable difference from last week – last week was painfully slow – almost not worth the wait – but I always waited nonetheless because of the content ;-) – Performance seems good now

  4. Definately unreasonably slow to navigate to the website – been like this for past few weeks and maybe longer… Once here however, performance between pages is acceptable.

    Content is first class!



  5. Tushar – thanks for the heads up on the recent comments. We’re futzing with all the sidebar crap to see which of it may be causing the problem. It will eventually get fixed. I’ll probably get rid of “Popular Posts” and “From the Bookshelf”, but I definitely won’t be getting rid of “Recent Comments”.

  6. I’m not keen on the new recent comments format either, but if you point at the poster’s name, it tells you the name of the thread the comment relates to.

    As for speed, it seems faster but still not that fast.

  7. Have you upgraded to the latest version of WP (2.8.4)?

    Have you checked your theme to make sure it’s as efficient as possible, and compatible with the latest version of WP?

    Can you get rid of any overhead, like useless plugins or method calls?

    Does your host allow mod_deflate or php.zlib compression?

  8. I’m going with what Djano said, faster than last week but still slow compared to other sites visited.

  9. Hi Dick –

    Do I read that you prefer the current way comments are displayed over the topic-based way?

    I would have missed Tim’s query to me if he hadn’t started “Hi Michael,” and I got curious. If the substance of the comment is a bit further along then the first sentence, we’ll not see it.

    All this to say that I agree with Tushar.


  10. Another vote for faster than last week but still slower than other sites (and still worth it!).

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