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  1. Google defines Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors.

    Not sure I agree with that second sentence, though. If a person lands on a particular page and then leaves, it could be because it was exactly what he/she was looking for. Or, it could be because it was not at all what they were looking for. I don’t think bounce rate means much at all — except the percentage of single-page visitors.

  2. Thanks, John –

    I’d agree. I would think there’s linkage then between Bounce Rate (high) and Average Pageviews (low)


  3. The relevance of these metrics depend a lot on the type of website you are running. For a blog, in the ideal world, you would want loyal readers to come regularly read new posts; in that frame, how often people come back (i.e. visits/absolute unique visitors) is very important, more than the bounce rate (if you come just to read a new post, the bounce will be high).

    On the other hand, if you run a commercial website, it’s not unlike a supermarket – you want people to browse through every aisle, maybe come in because they google’d one product, then check the price, then other products… In that frame, bounce is very important, it reflects whether the first impression of your website on the new visitor was good enough that they would stay longer.

  4. I think bounce rate would be high for a regular blog with a set of regular readers. They’ve seen the other pages, so they read one page and go away until tomorrow.

  5. This is from my site last month

    Month Jun 2009

    Sites: 54336
    KBytes: 4136982
    Visits: 87468
    Pages: 146098
    Files: 276092
    Hits : 408252

  6. Here are mine (Google):
    19.176 Visits
    37.360 page views
    1.95 Pagines/visit
    75,64% Bounce rate
    00:01:34 avg time
    82,98% New vistors


    Total Hits 419,320
    Total Page Views 91,906
    Total Visitors 52,165
    INtersting differences :-)

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